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GLOBAL is a new six-level general English course for adult learners. It is an information-rich course, sophisticated in both presentation and approach. It has international appeal, combining challenging content, intelligent topics and cross-cultural awareness. It features none of the celebrity-driven lifestyle content often found in typical general English courses for adults. THE GLOBAL approach..

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A fun, motivating В1 course with full digital support that engages teenagers and keeps them interested. Code Blue provides comprehensive and systematic language learning with a strong emphasis on grammar and vocabulary, as well as thorough skills development. CODE BLUE features: • Twelve topic-based units with revision sections after every two units. • Lexical and grammatical syllabus based on..

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Technical concepts are clearly presented using motivating texts and clear illustrations. Topics reflect the latest developments in technology and are relevant to the students'' needs. The course uses core language common to a range of specialisations.

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"The Teacher''s Book" contains reduced pages of the "Student''s Book" and "Activity Book" and also has lesson plans with clearly marked objectives and competencies. An activation code for the Teacher''s Resource Centre provides access to extra material, while the presentation kit allows the "Student''s Book" and "Activity Book" to be projected on to a screen.

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The Teacher''s Book with Test Master CD-ROM provides full support for level 2. It also supports teachers with explanations of key technical concepts in the course. The Test Master CD-ROM contains a range of tests to support teachers.

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